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Make-up Mirror

OptionMake-up Mirror

Elevate your on-the-go beauty routine with our portable Make-up Mirror, your perfect beauty companion for those quick touch-ups and makeup reapplications. This compact and stylish mirror comes in two versatile varieties to suit your needs.

Make-up Mirror: The standard version features a regular mirror for quick checks and a 2x magnifying mirror. Take a closer look for precise makeup touch-ups and skincare routine assessments. 

Make-up Mirror | LED: For those moments when lighting may be less than ideal, our mirror with warm LED light is your ultimate solution. It combines both the regular and 2x magnifying mirrors with a gentle, warm LED glow. Illuminate your face and see every detail clearly, making it a breeze to reapply makeup or perfect your skincare routine on the go.

Slip either into your INSIDE Cosmetics Bag or pocket, and you'll always have the perfect tool to ensure you look your best, no matter where you are.

Make-up Mirror

  • Diameter: 2.95 in. (7.5cm.)
  • Thickness: ⅜ in. (0.8 cm.)
  • Weight: 1 ⅜ oz. (40 g.)

Make-up Mirror | LED

  • Diameter: 3 ½ in. (9cm.) 
  • Thickness: ⅝ in. (1.5 cm.)
  • Weight: 3 oz. (85 g.)

Make-up Mirror

$12.00 USD


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